Podcast & Zoom Audio
The AES Zoom & Podcast Audio Webinar will cover the basic set-up and advice of both Zoom and Podcasts. It will also go over best practices and the latest software and hardware tools and solutions, presented to you by the leading experts in their field.
Questions will come from social media, with promotion of the event. Live questions will also be asked, after the 20 minute session.
This is a must attend event for a lot of end users – especially those who care about their audio quality!

3 Easy Steps to Make the Most of the AES SHOW Zoom & Podcast Audio Webinar

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    Register to attend!

    You can participate on the AES Zoom & Podcast Audio Webinar with any AES SHOW pass.
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    The Webinar is Tuesday October 6, 2020

    After registering, use your code and follow the link to access the Webinar. The event starts at 11am ET until 2pm ET.

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    Ask questions!

    We have some fantastic guests and Partners. Each session will have a Q&A time, so get your questions ready!

AES Webinar Zoom & Podcast Audio Partners

Event schedule

AES SHOW Zoom & Podcast Audio Webinar Sessions
Michael Adams
Director of Training and Development at Waves Audio

Michael will take you through the setup he uses for all Waves Audio online events, and show you how to clean up your own microphones and guests for your next live performance, Zoom meeting, online training or podcast.

Dan Hughley

Join Focusrite's Dan Hughley on October 6th for the AES Show Zoom & Podcast Audio Webinar, for an interactive conversation with the talented winners of Focusrite’s Podcast Studio Makeover competition.

Last spring, Focusrite partnered with some of the most prominent brands in podcasting to award 3 podcasters with a studio makeover package valued at over $2,500 each. Dan will be speaking with them about their unique challenges and what winning this contest means to them and their show. You'll also get some valuable tips on getting started with your own podcast and improving your audio recording in general.

Dave Bryce
CEO, David Bryce Consulting, Inc. and Managing Director, Music Player Network

To Be Announced

Derek Badala
Director of Sales, RME (Synthax, Inc.)

To Be Announced

Meet the Presenters

Michael Adams

Director of Training and Development at Waves Audio

Michael has been working professionally in the music industry for over 30 years, both in Australia and in his current home in the USA.
He has 4 number one singles to his name and a number one album in Australia, and once moved to the States worked with the likes of Creed and Sean Paul to name a few. He started his career working with the likes of INXS, Kylie Minogue, Crowded House, and John Farnham.
Michael has been with Waves since 2006, and in his current position plans, manages and oversees all online and in-person masterclasses and training events for the company.

Dan Hughley

Marketing Manager, Focusrite

Dan Hughley is a passionate podcaster, audio engineer, and pro audio marketing professional who has worked with powerful influencers and some of the largest recording gear manufacturers in the world. After graduating with a degree in audio engineering from Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA, Dan went to work for famed guitarist Steve Vai where he worked on Steve’s album, The Story of Light. Dan's career path later brought him to his current role at Focusrite where he is the US marketing manager for two brands, Focusrite and Focusrite Pro. During the time in his current role, Dan found his passion for podcasting and developed marketing messaging and materials which educate and focus directly to the needs of podcasters, no matter where they are on their creative journey. He launched, produces, co-hosts and continues to help grow the Focusrite Pro Podcast which dives into the cutting-edge technology behind professional audio products and gives insight into the world of pro audio.

Dave Bryce

CEO, David Bryce Consulting, Inc. and Managing Director, Music Player Network

Dave is known throughout the industry as a marketing (and voice over artist) extraordinar. Currently directing global sales and marketing for Cloud Microphones and overseeing global sales and consulting on marketing for AEA Ribbon Mics and Roswell Pro Audio. Dave is also the co-founder of Reverb Foundry.

Derek Badala

Director of Sales, RME (Synthax, Inc.)

Derek Badala is an industry veteran with 26 years of Pro Audio and MI experience. His past employment as chief audio engineer, business owner, product manager, sales manager, and sales director have given him insights to the Pro Audio Industry few have experienced. From Military and Broadcast sectors as well as equipment manufacturing, marketing, and sales, Derek has made notable contributions to our industry. Currently he is the Director of Sales of Synthax Inc whose brands include RME, Ferrofish, Alva, and myMix. He is a detailed energetic presenter who loves quality audio and educating professionals on audio solutions.

Cloud Microphones

Cloudlifters have changed the industry by drastically increasing the sound quality of microphone/preamp combinations people already own. Cloud’s huge impact spans vast sectors of the audio industry, including professional recording, home recording, professional broadcasting, public address, podcasting, voiceover, live sound, and worship sound applications.
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We believe in enriching peoples' lives through music, and we're proud to play our small part in that massive endeavour.

We make audio interfaces, and that's all we do. It's the job of an audio interface to sit between you and your sound being shared with the world, and we're the best in the world at making that happen.

But what does it mean to make the best audio interfaces in the world?

The best interface should help you record your sound, exactly as it is. It should be ready to go when you are, never skipping a beat. It should be easy to use, removing pointless technical barriers that get in the way of you enriching yours and others' lives through music.

We want to help you do this. We want to make music easier to make. We believe in a world where all musicians are able to record their own sound with ease. If we can remove pointless complexity, and in some way, inspire you to record, enable you to do so and support you on your journey, then our work here is done.

Of course, we didn't always make audio interfaces. There wasn't always a computer! But those same principles applied.

Back in the 80s, we made consoles. 12 to be precise. Probably the best sounding consoles ever made. It's a good story and one that has made us laugh and cry. If you've got a spare hour, perhaps it will inspire you.

We're not alone on our mission. We have five sister brands focussed on the same thing, but in different ways.

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Usually, online conferencing solutions, like Zoom, Skype or Messenger, use low quality audio and can produce unreliable signals with distortions, ringing or even dropouts. This is an unsatisfying solution for high-quality business meetings and important company or investor conferences. A bad video quality can be disturbing, but bad audio quality is simply a show stopper.
By replacing these connections with Digigram´s broadcast-quality audio solution IQOYA GUEST, the resulting audio quality over unreliable public networks is simply amazing: High Quality Stereo Sound, no distortions, no dropouts, finally a perfectly reliable connection.
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Waves Audio

Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.
Heard on hit records, major motion pictures, and popular video games worldwide, Waves’ cutting-edge software and hardware processors are used in every aspect of audio production, from tracking to mixing to mastering, broadcast, live sound, and more.
Waves offers Native and SoundGrid audio plugins in VST, TDM, RTAS, and AU formats for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton and other popular hosts.
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