Know Before You Register

Below are some helpful tips and information
to guide your registration for this years AES SHOW
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Is registration required for the....


Zoom & Podcast Audio Webinar (October 6)?
Yes — we have set up free registration just for this webinar. No other registration is required.


7 Audio Wonders of the World?
Yes. The first 3 tours only require Showcase registration, but the last 4 (that take place during the week of October 26) will require All Access registration.
October 8: Skywalker Sound
October 15: Galaxy Studios
October 22: The Village
October 27: Blackbird Studios
October 29: Abbey Road
October 29: United Recording Studios
October 30: Capitol Studios


AoIP Summit (October 13)?
Yes. You can register for the Summit as a standalone event, or as part of a bundle with All Access registration.


APEI Product Development Symposium (October 14-16)?
Yes — it’s included with All Access registration.


AES Education/Student Week (October 19-23)?
Yes — it’s included with All Access registration.


AES Education Fair (October 23)?
No. This event is free and open to all.


Fall Show Technical Program (October 27-30)?
Yes, you must have an All Access registration.